Collaboration with Irena Knezevic, as part of Irena Knezevic: Here Comes The Darkness.

Minotaur is an audio sculpture that responds to electrostatic charge. At the center of the black minimal object, comprised entirely of metal-coated tinsel resides a Van de Graaf generator, producing an electrostatic charge (~700kV at minimal Amperage) that is distributed by visitors moving though the object. In this process, electrostatics animate and distort the sculpture itself, paralleled by an audio broadcast that is generated by the charge in real-time. Like the minotaur in Greek mythology, the piece is lingering with potential, made visceral through the skin (hair raising), and audible through responsive sounds.

The work revolves around the labyrinth as archaic structure. The maze appears throughout history as an encryption mechanism, used as the signature for architects, a testament of ingenuity, and a device for musical invention (Labyrinthus Musicus). The maze provides the artistic material for the Minotaur, both physically and sonically. Physically, the maze is represented by a disorienting physical object, sonically through the labyrinth score.

Metal-coated vinyl, Electrostatics
8ft x 11ft x 8ft

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