ke:tai library for Processing → 2015

ke:tai let’s you create mobile apps using Processing, a platform to promote software literacy within the visual arts.

ke:tai is good at everything an Android device does, and the desktop doesn’t. It’s a extensive library that gives you straight-forward access to sensorscameras, and networking hardware. Download the library, check out examples, and learn how to create your own apps using multi-touch gestures, device locationUIelements, front and back-facing camerasface detectionBluetoothWiFi Directnear field communication, or SQLite data.

The following classes are included in the library:

The book Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing includes a comprehensive introduction to the Ketai library, and more than 40 projects using the library. It's available with project source code at the The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Here you can download the complete table of contents, and a discussion forum related to the book.

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