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My brain hurts!

September 16, 2008

Ok guys, I read the article and I have to admit a lot of this is old hat.  But then we covered a lot of this in the Spring 2006 class.  Being truthful, I had seen all but one of the pieces in the article before, and while they have deep merit, I didn’t really […]

Hubert Weldon,Reading 1: Levin: CV for Artists + Designers - 0 Comments

‘Reflections’ on the Levin text

Within Golan Levin-n-friends’ introductory summary of computer vision is the high level answers to how it all works and its initial applications. Its versions of body & movement tracking have given life to a whole new realm of questions and artistic manifestations.  Whether applied socio-politically like David Rockeby’s suicide bridge project (ouch) or the model […]

Reading 1: Levin: CV for Artists + Designers,Tesia Kosmalski - 0 Comments