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Update – Natalie Jeremijenko

October 13, 2008

You might recall our brief discussion of Natalie Jeremijenko’s and Kate Rich’ s 1996 Suicide Box, attributed to the Bureau of Inverse Technology, which used computer vision techniques to videotape people committing suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Just this past Friday the Golden Gate Board of Directors voted 14-1 to construct […]

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Andrew/Arunan – Levin Reading Discussion PDF

September 17, 2008

Hi Everyone Here is the PDF of our discussion in class for the Levin Reading. Arunan levin_reading_discussion

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Kevin’s HW Post

On the night of my birthday early this summer, I parked my car at a friends house. I came out that morning to discover a boot on my passenger side front wheel. So I was a couple tickets behind. Everyone is. You get a ticket for breathing in this city. And what does all that […]

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Innocuous use of technology?

I found the article to be an easy to consume overview of the artistic uses, technology and practical implementation details for computer vision. The information was a good reinforcement of works we had discussed (e.g. the Sorting Damen) or techniques that I had come across in my own research. From experience, I found OpenCV to […]

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s i n g l e v i s i o n

computer vision and artist… this field relatively untapped is often relegated to government, and security investment. As the space opens up for artist to more easily consider motion tracking, recognition and other aspects of computervision as a potential tool for installations and process, the questions to grapple with seem to be unavoidably linked to issues […]

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Libertarian Luddite

Pre: Minsky and Me In 1998 I began a project in which I sent texts that had been rendered “poetic” (or just garbled and fucked up) via Babelfish out to massive lists of people, mostly at academic institutions. While spam existed, this was well before the massive overload of spam, the erection of spam blockers […]

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Baldwin Response

September 16, 2008

Joseph Baldwin In response to: Computer Vision for Artists and Designers: Pedagogic Tools and Techniques for Novice Programmers (http://www.flong.com/texts/essays/essay_cvad/) With the awareness of a society that realizes it should steer away from having “stuff” this article seems to speak to a movement of the opposite direction, one that would increase peoples awareness of new and […]

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Reading Response 1: Computer Vision for Artists and Designers

Without doubt, this is an interesting article as an overview of computer vision techniques and works for artists and designers. The author insists on the importance of taking into account, not only the software involved when learning these kind of methods, but also its relation with the physical world, which usually represents the key aspect […]

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Motion Tracking/Computer Vision and Performing Arts

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Reading 1 Response: jesus

Golan Levin’s paper titled Computer Vision for Artists and Designers provides a nice introduction to computer vision using historical context, introducing computer vision in art and also providing a semi-technical perspective on what computer vision is and the techniques it employs. For those of us new to the field, it provides a nice foundation and […]

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