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› 21 Apr 2017

Daniel explores decentralized organizational forms enabled by the blockchain. He will discuss ways in which the computational regime transgresses geopolitical sovereignty and systems of control, exemplified in a collaborative project called Frauenbank which is concurrently on view at the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Friday, April 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:30pm The New School University Center 63 Fifth Ave., New York Room 411

› 17 Mar 2017

Frauenbank: Servers for .YU opens at Whitney Biennial
Irena Haiduk with jesus.d and Daniel Sauter SERVERS FOR .YU Whitney Frauenbank WiFi network, .YU domain, women's cooperative, blockchain, 2017.

› 01 Mar 2017

Sauter, D. (2017). Citizens of the Cognisphere. In Teaching Computational Creativity (Filimowicz, M. & Tzankova, V. Eds.). Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

› 15 Feb 2017

Citizens of the Cognisphere Excerpt featured on the Public Seminar
PUBLIC SEMINAR: open, critical, challenging, confronting the pressing issues of the day and fundamental problems of the human condition, expanding the project of The New School for Social Research

› 26 Oct 2016

Co-Director, The Integrative PhD at the New School
Launching @IntegrativePhD @TheNewSchool Integrated research in design and the humanistic social sciences supported by @MellonFdn

› 07 Sep 2016

Interspace Exhibit
curated by Dr. Shannon McMullen and Fabian Winkler with works by: Rachel Rossin Daniel Sauter & Lucas Kuzma Robert L. Ringel Gallery Purdue University West Lafayette, IN August 29 October 8, 2016 Opening Reception September 7, 2016

› 29 Aug 2016

Faculty Fellow: Graduate Institute for Design Ethnography & Social Thought
Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and based at The New School for Social Research, GIDEST incubates transdisciplinary ethnographic research at the intersection of social theory and design and fosters dialogue on related themes across the university. GIDEST draws on The New Schools tradition of politically-engaged, historically-grounded, and theoretically-innovative social research, as well as our strengths as a center of design thinking and practice. The Institute annually supports five faculty and five doctoral fellows, and provides members of the campus community with a lively and inventive research environment and a focused interdisciplinary space in which to develop their ideas.

› 13 Apr 2016

Lecture: Northeastern University, College of Arts, Media, and Design
Artist Talk: Art for the Cognisphere

› 06 Oct 2015

SxSW Eco Talk: Information Ecologies and Local Geopolitics
Data Visualization for Social Engagement There are more connected devices than connected people today (ten things per capita estimated by 2030). In this session, Daniel Sauter discusses the dynamics of remote sensing and the IoT, with a focus on visualizing mobile interactions and environmental data. He will demonstrate web sockets and the Ketai sensor library for Processing to create applications that connect people and environments near real-time.

› 05 Oct 2015

Pleace by Design Juror at SxSW Eco 2015
Data + Tech: Innovative work that utilizes emerging technology to connect people and place, or uses data to generate impact. October 5-7, 2015, Austin, TX

› 05 Jan 2015

Faculty workshops at Agastya International Foundation, Andhra Pradesh, India
Bringing together Art + Science curricula.

› 03 Nov 2014

Faculty Advisor - NSF Polar Cyberinfrastructure DataVis Hackathon
Workshop bridging together cyberinfrastructure/data visualization and polar communities, November 3 - 4, 2014, New York City Parsons New School for Design

› 28 Oct 2014

Guest Speaker: Social and Cultural Computing, City University of New York
Work presentation and and student discussion as part of the Social and Cultural Computing course taught by Lev Manovich at the Graduate Center, CUNY (City University of New York)

› 25 Aug 2014

Teaching begins at The New School, Art, Media, and Technology program

› 01 May 2014

Guest Critic, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Crown Hall

› 10 Feb 2014

Guest Lecture - Human Augmentics
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Engineering. 5pm, ERF 2068

› 13 Jan 2014

Exhibition Opening - Encore Series, James Madison University
Sawhill Gallery, School of Art, Design & Art History, College of Visual & Performing Arts. January 13-February 21, 2014. Mo-Fr 10-5pm, Sat 12-4pm

› 13 Nov 2013

Guest Lecture: SAIC
Department of Film, Video and New Media

› 03 Nov 2013

Talk: Mobile Processing Conference
Mobile Processing is a yearly conference hosted by the UIC Innovation Center in support of Chicagos creative and development communities. The 2013 conference, held from Nov. 1-3, features artists, digital humanities scholars, and software developers in a series of presentations, panels, and workshops. The event is free and open to the public.

› 01 Nov 2013

Workshop: Mobile Processing Conference
Mobile Processing is a yearly conference hosted by the UIC Innovation Center in support of Chicagos creative and development communities. The 2013 conference, held from Nov. 1-3, features artists, digital humanities scholars, and software developers in a series of presentations, panels, and workshops. The event is free and open to the public.

› 06 Oct 2013

Light and the Unseen
The subject of light has been of interest to artists, writers, scientists and more throughout the centuries and yet it seems that the fascination with light could be endless. This exhibition focuses on the work of seven artists that do not necessarily consider light as the main or only subject of their work. They use light to explore ideas about vision, physics, the cosmos, belief and the human relationship to light both physically and psychologically. These ideas are more broadly considered here as the unseen. The idea of the unseen can not be precisely defined, just as the nature of light is not fully understood. Instead we explore the unseen in both dark and light space through the film, painting, photography and installation of the seven artists. In addition to the works in the gallery, the subject of light will be explored through a collaborative publication. Through this book the thoughts of the artists are joined with writings from poet Catherine Theis, astrophysicist Rodolfo Montez and curator Julie Rudder. Artists include: Pam Bannos, Dana Carter, Joe Grimm, Roxane Hopper, Michael Robinson, Daniel Sauter, and Olivia Schreiner Light and the Unseen is guest curated by Julie Rudder.

› 18 Sep 2013

Skip Message opens at Level 13 in Downtown Chicago
Skip Message is site-specific project developed with Ketai for Level 13, a free, five-day, annual architecture and art event that showcases site specific, experimental, interactive installations that embrace Chicagos rich cultural landscape along the Riverwalka future site for recreational activities connecting the lakefront with the heart of downtown.

› 24 Apr 2013

Now Shipping: Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing (paper book)
Create mobile apps for Android phones and tablets faster and more easily than you ever imagined. Use Processing, the free, award-winning, graphics-savvy language and development environment, to work with the touchscreens, hardware sensors, cameras, network transceivers, and other devices and software in the latest Android phones and tablets.

› 19 Apr 2013

Guest Critic, Washington University St. Louis, MO
BFA Sculpture Program

› 22 Feb 2013

Premiere: The Bluest Eye
Directed by Derrick Sanders, projection design by Daniel Sauter, projection operator Jesus Duran WHEN Feb. 22, 23, 28 and March 1 and 2 at 7:30 p.m.; Feb. 24 and March 3 at 2 p.m.; Feb. 27 at noon WHERE UIC Theatre, 1044 W. Harrison St. TICKETS $16, $11 students with current ID 312-996-2939

› 12 Nov 2012

Workshop at NYU's ITP Tisch School of the Arts

› 24 Oct 2012

Artist Talk and Workshop, Processing Berlin, Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, Berlin, DE

› 23 Oct 2012

Artist Talk, Digitale Klasse, University of the Arts Berlin, DE

› 18 Oct 2012

Oct. 17, Artist Talk and Workshop, Media Lab, Lasalle College Singapore, SG

› 16 Oct 2012

Artist Talk, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, SG

› 14 Oct 2012

Artist Talk and Workshop at Videotage New Media Art Collective, Hong Kong, HK

› 12 Oct 2012

Artist Talk and Workshop at FabLab Shibuya, Tokyo, JP

› 08 Oct 2012

Workshop at Design/Media Arts, University of California Los Angeles, CA

› 06 Oct 2012

Workshop at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, Ann Arbor, MI
This workshop is an introduction to Processing for Android, and specifically the creative potential of the hardware features built into Android devices shipped today.

› 22 Aug 2012

eBook launches (Beta): Rapid Android Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications with Processing by Daniel Sauter
With more than 30 ready-to-run demos. Youll learn how to: Access the Android touch screen, keyboard, and gestures to create eye-popping user experiences. Tap into Androids on-board sensors for orientation, location, motion, geolocation, and more to build environment-aware applications. Use Androids built-in networking devices to access the Internet, network with nearby Android devices, and interact with NFC-formatted RFID tags. Create OpenGL accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. Integrate camera images, video, and face-detection into your mobile apps. Take selected apps cross-platform with new Processing support for HTML 5 and JavaScript.

› 05 Aug 2012

SIGGHRAPH 2012 Art Gallery Committee, Los Angeles
Featuring snail trail Philipp Artus Kunsthochschule fr Medien Kln Saturation Daniel Barry University at Buffalo Adam Laskowitz Design 5 and University at Buffalo 90 South Alejandro Borsani Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Galloping Horse Rmi Brun Mocaplab A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe) Martin John Callanan University College London and Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art, University College London Biopoiesis Carlos Castellanos Steven Barnes DPrime Research Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play Scott Hessels City University of Hong Kong The HeartBeats Watch Julie Legault V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Royal College of Art SymbiosisS Krt Ojavee Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Eszter Ozsvald New York University Coronado Kian-Peng Ong University of California, Los Angeles Tardigotchi SWAMP University of Michigan and Victoria University of Wellington Kapitn Biopunk: Fermentation Madness Julian Abraham

› 17 Feb 2012

SIGGHRAPH 2012 Art Gallery Jury
MIT, Boston.

› 15 Feb 2012

Mois Multi festival in Montreal, Canada, February 15 - 29, 2012.
Daniel Sauter and Fabian Winkler will present In the Line of Sight at the Mois Multi festival in Montreal, Canada, February 15 - 29, 2012. They will also be teaching a master class to Qubcois artists on February 17, and give a public lecture on February 18, 2012.

› 06 Feb 2012

Processing Chicago launches at UIC, EVL CyberCommons
Follow @ProcessingCHI for updates on Processing Chicago events. Processing Chicago is a monthly meeting that includes the Mobile Processing community and Creative Coders.

› 12 Nov 2011

Workshop at Mobile Processing 2011 Conference in Chicago: Networking: Peer-to-peer and Near Field
Daniel Sauter and Jesus Duran: Networking: Peer-to-peer and Near Field (Sa 11/12, 2:4:30pm) Always-on networking is the defining affordance of fourth generation mobile devices. This workshop explores wireless peer to peer networking with the Ketai library for Processing. The workshop will also address NFC (Near Field Communication) with tags and NFC-enabled devices.

› 11 Nov 2011

Workshop at Mobile Processing 2011 Conference in Chicago: Universal Remote Everything
Daniel Sauter and Jesus Duran: Universal Remote Everything (Fr 11/11, 5-7pm) The workshop introduces the Ketai library for processing, designed to capture device sensors, analyze movement, and interact with the device cameras. The workshop will also lead up to the use of the Ketai library for Android Accessory Development Kit development, interacting with Adruino base ADK boards (see Networking workshop on Sat.).

› 19 Aug 2011

Presentation at the Chicago Code Workshop
The Chicago Code Workshop @icstars @feltpad, supporting advanced technical and leadership skills of Chicagos inner city adults.

› 20 Jul 2011

Presentation at Chicago Android (Google Chicago)
Presenting Ketai library at Google CHI #ChiArduino Google ADK - Accessory Development Kit with Arduino @KetaiMotion #ChiArduino

› 09 Jul 2011

Paper Presentation at HCI International 2011, Orlando, Florida
Title: Implied Aesthetics: A Sensor-based Approach towards Mobile Interfaces; Session: "Focus on Visual Innovation"; Thematic Area: Design, User Experience, and Usability. The Conference Proceedings, comprising the papers and the extended poster abstracts to be presented at the Conference, will be published by Springer in a multi-volume set in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) series and the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series. They will be available on-line through the SpringerLink Digital Library, readily accessible by all subscribing libraries around the world. All Conference participants will receive in their registration bags the Conference Proceedings published in DVD format.

› 01 Jul 2011

Svetlobna Gverila , Ljubljana, Slovenia
International Guerrilla Lightart Festival

› 28 Jan 2011

Presentation at ORDCamp 2011, Chicago
ORD Camp is an invitation-only unconference in Chicago. Loosely based on Foo Camp, it's for people who are doing interesting work in a wide range of technology-related disciplines, plus a handful of influential people in related areas. The one thing that all invitees have in common is that they are exceptionally passionate about what they do. We hand picked ~200 people that will make the event interactive, provocative, and thought provoking.

› 01 Oct 2010

Processing.Android: Open-Source for Mobile Innovation
Keynote Presentation and Workshop at the symposium Processing.Android: Open-Source for Mobile Innovation UIC Innovation Center 1240 W Harrison St, Chicago, Illinois 60607 October 1st-3rd, 2010 Processing.Android: Open-Source for Mobile Innovation brings together internationally recognized innovators from the open source software community, Chicago based startup companies, and students and academics from the areas of Art and Design, Computer Science, and Information Sciences. Keynote speakers Ben Fry and Casey Reas present the latest edition of Processing targeting Android devices, designed to simplify and streamline prototyping and development for mobile platforms. Processing is used by tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. Join us for the first public summit to hold Processing.Android workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. The event is free and open to the public. Workshops require prior registration.

› 10 Sep 2010

Workshop at AUDO 2010: Ping: Collaborative real-time audio synthesis in ad-hoc peer-to-peer multi-hop networks
AUDO is an unconventional festival that invites practitioners and theoreticians from a broad range of sound-related disciplines to discuss new strategies for the creation, production, distribution and cultural analysis of sound and music-based work. Activities in AUDO 2010 will include: sound walks, concerts, creation of interactive sound networks, exhibits that translate hand drawn images or body movements into sounds and many other exciting examples of contemporary sound art. AUDO 2010 is comprised of 2 linked components: a three-day series of discussion forums, performances and workshops (festival component) leading to an exhibition of resulting outcomes in an exhibition component immediately following the festival. The goal of this exhibition is to showcase results of creative interactions between festival participants during the first three days of the event: videos, sounds, interactive systems, objects, texts that have been created collaboratively highlighting the word DO in the festival's title. Organized by: Esteban Garcia (PhD student, Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue); Shannon McMullen (Assistant Professor, Electronic and Time-Based Art, Purdue); Juan Obando (Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Elon University, NC); Fabian Winkler (Assistant Professor, Electronic and Time-Based Art, Purdue)

› 05 Aug 2010

Visiting Artist at ACRE (The Artists' Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions Project)
Studio visits with ACRE residents, an artist presentation, and a workshop (LED Color Lab: Using professional-grade LED lighting gear, this workshop introduces DMX communication for dynamic color, temperature, and timing) are on the agenda for the 4-day visit at the ACRE site in rural Southwest Wisconsin.

› 25 Jul 2010

"In the Line of Sight" at the SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Gallery in Los Angeles from July 25 - 29, 2010
A collaboration between Sauter and Fabian Winkler, In the Line of Sight is a light installation that uses 100 computer-controlled tactical flashlights to project low-resolution video footage of moving persons into the exhibition space. Each flashlight projects a light spot - similar to a pixel - on the wall. All flashlights combined create 10 x 10 pixel representations of the source footage. The SIGGRAPH 2010 juried art gallery showcases work by artists who physically engage technology in their creative process. Beyond the sense of sight, TouchPoint brings together creative works that investigate, celebrate, and critique the polysensory nature of human experience in a digitally enhanced environment. It investigates the permeable membrane of the digital interface, where we use an array of tools to materialize and visualize future artifacts of creative expression. The work integrates human haptic connections in computer-based artwork, involving the "viewer" and/or the artist through a unique physical interface. Now in its 37th year, the SIGGRAPH conference is the premier international event on computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2010 is expected to draw an estimated 25,000 professionals from five continents to Los Angeles, California. The SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition is a five-day interdisciplinary educational experience including a three-day commercial exhibition that attracts hundreds of exhibitors from around the world. SIGGRAPH is widely recognized as the most prestigious forum for the publication of computer graphics research. In addition to SIGGRAPH

› 07 May 2010

The Emergence Project at Imaging the Future, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI
May 5 - June 13 Opening Reception: Friday, May 7, from 6-9pm. Gallery Project presents Imaging the Future, a multimedia exhibit in 26 artists, architects, engineers, scientists, and fashion designers attempt to visualize what life in the future will be like. The exhibit, which opens on Wednesday, May 5 and runs through Sunday, June 13, is the first of Gallery Projects new cycle of exhibits. The opening reception is Friday, May 7 from 6-9. Questions about the future abound: What is going to happen to my town, to Michigan, to my country, my world? Whats ahead for the environment, global warming, the energy crisis, and green technology? Whats next for Wall Street, Main Street, the housing market, the world financial system, my job? How will technological advances impact communication, transportation, housing, food, clothing, weaponry, play, and identity? Will we have colonies in space or on distant planets and moons, and will we be encouraged to travel there? What will become of our species and other species as we evolve? Depending on ones vision and vantage point, such questions may activate anxiety, fear, cynicism and dark visions. Or they may mobilize a sense of hope and promise, idealism and utopian imaginings. This exhibition challenges each artist to pose a question about the future and to image a response. The exhibit is curated by Gloria Pritschet and Rocco DePietro.

› 20 Apr 2010

Art in the Age of Infinite Reproducibility: Threewalls Salon, Chicago
Salon 7 pm at Threewalls, 119 N. Peoria #2D Chicago, il 60607

› 25 Feb 2010

Lecture at Art and Tech seminar, DePaul University
The lecture as part of the Art and Tech seminar/colloquium, taught by Jeff Carter Associate Professor of Art, Media and Design. It will take place at 1 pm at DePaul in Lincoln Park.

› 05 Jan 2010

Lecture at the Institute for Time-based Media , University of the Arts Berlin
12-1 pm, room 116 Universitt der Knste University of the Arts Grunewaldstr. 2-5

› 11 Dec 2009

Light Attack book launched:
Light Attack: Media Art and the Moving-Moving Image as Intervention in Public Spaces (VDM Publishing House, ISBN-10: 3639214587, Dec. 11, 2009) Light Attack is a media art performance, as well as a social experiment, performed in public urban spaces. While driving through the city, an animated virtual character is projected from a moving vehicle onto the cityscape exploring places "to go" and "not to go" in urban centers such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Mexico City. The book provides the conceptual framework for Light Attack. It follows the history of electric light as medium and symbol for cultural grandeur. It discusses media architecture and projection-based media art in relation to a contemporary site-specific public art practice. The book should be especially useful to students and professionals in the field of Media Arts, Art History, and Communications. [ project page ]

› 03 Sep 2009

In the Line of Sight at Ars Electronica Festival 2009
Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has served as an interdisciplinary platform for everyone who uses the computer as a universal medium for implementing and designing their creative projects at the interface of art, technology and society. The event calls for entries in eight categories, including a youth competition. And since internationally renowned artists from over 70 countries also participate in the Prix Ars Electronica, it has established itself as a barometer for trends in contemporary media art. With over 40.617 entries since 1987 and prize money in 2009 totalling 122,500 euros, the competition offers the largest cash purse for cyberarts worldwide. Each year, six Golden Nicas, twelve Awards of Distinction and approximately 70 Honorary Mentions as well as a grant for the category [the next idea] and the Media.Art.Research Award are presented to participants. Since media art is such a highly dynamic field, criteria for the categories have to be constantly modified and adjusted to societal and technological developments, and so updated to meet new demands.

› 08 Jul 2009

The Burnham Plan Centennial - Talks with the Team
Talks with the Team is a series of free informal tours of, and talks about the Burnham Pavilions featuring the staff and professionals who were involved with the project. This series gives the public the opportunity to learn directly from the insiders about the planning, design, construction, techniques, artistry and technology involved in making the Burnham Pavilions a reality. Meet at north end of the South Chase Promenade near the UNStudio Pavilion

› 25 Jun 2009

Panel Discussion - Public Art in the Digital Age
Moderated by Nathan Mason, Curator of Special Events for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Panelists: Hamza Walker, Director of Education for The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago Tiffany Holmes, Artist and Associate Professor of Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Daniel Sauter, Installation artist and Assistant Professor, School of Art+Design at UIC

› 19 Jun 2009

Burnham Pavilion, open to the public on June 19, 2009
The sculptural UNStudio pavilion is highly accessible and functions as an urban activator. Framed by Lake Michigan on one side and Michigan Avenue on the other, it relates to diverse city-contexts and scales. The edges of the roof are parallel, but toward the center there is more complexity in the form.

At night, UNStudios pavilion becomes a responsive architecture with LED lights that change color and pattern. These lights will be in constant flux as the number of visitors to the pavilion changes. Programmatically the pavilion invites people to gather, walk around and through the spaceto explore and observe. Its sculptural form and reactive lights will spark curiosity and wonder in its visitors.
The Burnham Pavilions will be open and free to the public in Millennium Park from June 19 through October 31, 2009.

› 28 May 2009

Honorary Mention, Ars Electronica 2009, category Interactive Art
Daniel Sauter, Assistant Professor of Electronic Visualization and Fabian Winkler, Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Purdue University, have been awarded a Honorary Mention at the 2009 Prix Ars Electronica for their work In the Line of Sight (2009). Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has served as an interdisciplinary platform for creative projects at the interface of art, technology and society. In 2009, a total of 5,029 participants from 68 countries entered the competition.

› 30 Jan 2009

In the Line of Sight premiered at Spatial Effects, Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Detroit
Elaine L. Jacob Gallery 480 W. Hancock St. Detroit, MI 48202 313 993 7813 Gallery Hours: Tuesdays Thursdays 10am 6pm Fridays 10am 7pm Artist Talk: Thursday April 2, 2009 at 7pm DeRoy Auditorium, 5203 Cass, Detroit, MI, 48235

› 11 Jan 2009

Paper published: The Emergence Project: A machine of expression
As part of the Proceedings for the Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, a conference held on November 13, 2008 at the University of Chicago, the paper The Emergence Project: A machine of expression reflects on the conceptual and technological context surrounding the Emergence Project.

› 07 Nov 2008

Light Attack performed at Glow Festival Forum of Light in Art and Architecture from November 7-16, 2008
The third edition of the international Light Festival of the Netherlands takes place at Eindhoven. From the 7th until the 16th of November the artworks can be seen in the centre of Eindhoven. Artists & Designers - Modularbeat - Kurt Laurenz Theinert & Axel Hanfreich - Mischa Kuball - Lia Michalany Chaia - Thomas Bakker - Ingo Bracke - LEAD - Nuno Maya & Carole Prunelle - Cecilia Nordegg & Jonathan Berkh - Daniel Sauter - Nadine Rennert - Tatzu Oozu - Urula Berlot - Charly Nijensohn - Raumlabor - Buthayna Ali & Bayan Al-Sheikh - Gudrun Barenbrock - Stefan Hofmann - Kader Attia - Panirama - ff ff Productions

› 11 Oct 2008

The Emergence Project opens at Hyde Park Art Center
Artists Daniel Sauter and Mark Hereld work together to create a digital artwork based on the ideas produced from the 2008 Chicago Humanities Festival. The contents of the days presentations, performances and panel discussions will be captured, analyzed and processed into a dynamic visualization that evolves from minute to minute to express big ideas. This innovative, real-time art installation will explore how complex systems and patterns arise out of simple interactions. The Emergence Project is an art installation that will explore how complex patterns arise out of a multiplicity of simple interactions, a phenomenon known as emergence. Focusing on the actual discourse emanating from the Chicago Humanities Festivals October 11 day of programs hosted in several venues in the Hyde Park area, the contents of the presentations, performances, and panel discussions are captured, analyzed, and processed into a multidimensional image that evolves from minute to minute. The piece will use simple morphological rules to excavate emerging word clusters and expressed big ideas, representing them on the Hyde Park Art Centers digital faade.

› 27 Jul 2008

Paper Presentation at ISEA, the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2008, Singapore
Media Art and the moving moving image as an intervention in public spaces, July 27, 2008, Singapore Management University

› 15 May 2008

Workshop: Listening to Images at AUDO 2008
AUDO is an unconventional public event that invites practitioners and theoreticians from a broad range of sound-related disciplines to discuss new strategies for the creation, production, distribution and cultural analysis of sound and music-based work. In a three-day series of discussion forums, performances and workshops, AUDO will address the following four interrelated aspects of contemporary artistic practices in sound.

› 17 Mar 2008

Guest Lecturer, Electronic Media Colloquium, Department of Art and Technology Studies School of the Art Institute, Chicago
Work presentation and and student critique as part of the Electronic Media Colloquium, taught by Tiffany Holmes (Associate Prof., Chair, Art and Technology Studies, SAIC)

› 26 Oct 2007

Work screening at COMPUTER SPACE XIX, Sofia, Bulgaria
Work review screening of selected works 2004-2007

› 26 Oct 2007

Keynote lecture and workshop at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City
Friday, October 26 - 1:00 pm: Keynote Lecture Media Art and the moving moving image as an intervention in public spaces (1,5 hour) Place: Auditorio Incalli Ixcahuicopa- UAM Azcapotzalco Friday, October 26 - 2:30 pm: Workshop The camera as Computer Interface Place: Sala de Cmputo (2-2,5 hour)

› 24 Oct 2007

Light Attack performed at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City

› 01 Feb 2007

Lecture at Purdue University: Light Attack, Media Art and the `Moving Moving` Image as Intervention in Public Spaces.
Purdue University, 7 pm, KRAN G016. Light Attack, Media Art and the `Moving Moving` Image as Intervention in Public Spaces.

› 07 Dec 2006

Light Attack performance and exhibitionn at Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
Light Attack will be performed in the city of Seoul on Dec. 4-5 2006 in the areas Gwanghwa- mun, Samchung-dong, Insa-dong, Jongro 3ga , T tower, Duksugyung , Ewha Womens University, Shinchon station, Yonsei University, Hong-ik University, Banpo, Shinsa-dong. Footage of the performance will be exhibited as part of CONNECTED at Art Center Nabi from Dec. 7-30 2006.

› 14 Nov 2006

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program... exhibited at REWIND, Broad Art Center, Los Angeles
The exhinition has been curated by Silvia Rigon

› 13 Nov 2006

Light Attack presented at Animatronica, Microwave International Media Arts Festival 2006, Hong Kong
Daniel Sauter will be performing his work Light Attack at Animatronica, Microwave International Media Arts Festival 2006 from Nov. 8-13 2006, in the urban and rural spaces around the city of Hong Kong. The artist questions the notion of public and private spaces, social engagement, intrusion and the element of surprise in the seemingly imposed interaction.
Sauter will also speak at the conference Strategies of Interactivities in Media Arts & Visual Culture at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in discussion with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

› 30 Jul 2006

Light Attack presented at SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston from July 30 - Aug. 3 2006
The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections examines the merging of creativity, concept, and technique. Over the past 40 years, innovations in digital technology have enabled the integration of technical accomplishment with artistic and conceptual expression, fostering art endeavors that explore new territories and cross traditional boundaries.

› 22 Jul 2006

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program... exhibited at the 3rd Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium 2006, July 21 - July 30, 2006, China Millennium Museum in Beijing
The new millennium has witnessed the growing vitality throughout the world of new media art, an art mediated via digital means, often with the internet as its platform. This emerging art, originating from an increasingly technologically dependent society, not only challenges traditional creative media, and ways of thinking, but also posits to artists and cultural workers new questions concerning all realms of contemporary life. Under the auspices of Millennium Dialogue, the First and Second Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium successfully mounted two ground-breaking exhibitions and symposia in 2004 and 2005 respectively at the China Millennium Museum in Beijing. Enlisting a number of key players in the realm of media art throughout the world as partners, "Millennium Dialogue" aims at establishing a global, constructive platform for dialogue and exchange with the most current discourse in new media arts production and theorization to advance and promote digital arts and education in China. At the helm of the project are three prominent institutions, with Tsinghua University as host, one of the most acclaimed research and educational institutions of China, joined by ZKM | Center for Art and Media of Karlsruhe, Germany, the World

› 25 May 2006

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program... presented at MIXEDMEDIA: media art, architecture, sound/audiovideo, Hangar Bicocca, Viale Sarca 336 - Milan, Italy
Observing many of the artistic experiences of the last five years tied to the new media, we seem to foresee a growing consolidation of the abused Mcluhanian Assumption of Coincidence between medium and message. The role of new technologies in the creative contemporary journey seems to defer more often from a merely instrumental function and instead seems to find itself more frequently in a research in which they assume various shapes and forms, becoming subject, object and the space of the process itself. An entity tightly correlated in a system of indissoluble relationships with the creative idea itself becoming a project and therefore a construction. [Excerpt from a curatorial text by Paolo Rigamonti, Gianluca Milesi, Marco Mancuso]

› 26 Jan 2006

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program... exhibited at Witte de With, Rotterdam Film Festival
From January 26 through March 26, 2006, Witte de With, center for contemporary art, is presenting Satellite of Love, in association with the TENT. Center for Visual Arts and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). During the festival (January 25 - February 5, 2006), Satellite of Love will be the nerve center for the Exploding Television section of the IFFR's program. As in previous years, this section of the festival, organized by Edwin Carels, focuses on recent developments in digital technology that influence or perhaps even result in radical shifts within visual and audiovisual culture. Satellite of Love will become the headquarters of a veritable TV commune, a utopian project. Furthermore, in association with the VPRO, Exploding Television will be manifesting itself online via the Internet. Opening Thursday January 26, 2006, 6 p.m.

› 01 Dec 2005

Light Attack performed at BEYOND MEDIA, international festival of architecture and media, Florence, Italy
The eighth edition of BEYOND MEDIA, scheduled to take place in Florence December 1st-11th, 2005, will focus the national and international attention on very up-to-date topics, that will be the occasion for developing a series of significant occasions for a public exchange of ideas. The venues of the event are Brunelleschi\'s Ospedale degli Innocenti and the Stazione Leopolda. The festival will once again promote a dialogue between the world of architectural production and the larger universe of communication. It will do so with a rich program of meetings, projections and exhibitions which will present the most significant contemporary researches in a way that will be interesting both for specialists and the public at large. The theme for the 8th edition of BEYOND MEDIA is "SCRIPT". How can architecture today talk about itself? Which narrative forms are linked to the idea of the project, of its external expressions, of its publicity? How does design structure its languages and how does it express the culture of our times by means of a contemporary way of writing? Which paths do emerging creatives follow in order to approach the new modes of expression which are made possible by the digital tools and by the new media? "SCRIPT" will offer an opportunity for thinking about a wide range of topics that are at the center of the design culture today.

› 04 Nov 2005

Daniel Sauter lectures at NCSU: Light Attack: Media Art and the Moving-Moving Image as Intervention in Public Spaces
You are cordially invited to attend a public lecture by media artist Daniel Sauter: Light Attack: Media Art and the Moving-Moving Image as Intervention in Public Spaces Daniel Sauter, Assistant Professor School of Art and Design University of Illinois at Chicago Friday, November 4th @ noon Harrelson Hall, Room 107 North Carolina State University

› 11 Oct 2005

Light Attack awarded with the NABI special honourable mention, UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2005 - City and Creative Media
Creating the conditions of people-centred sustainable urban development within an increasingly urbanized world is more and more accentuated across the globe. Cities are subject to innumerable pressures that affect their inhabitants, but can also bring about change, social progress, and cultural diversity through imaginative and creative initiatives. Cities could truly be centres for expression of cultural diversity and places of vitality where creators working in different fields of arts act as catalysts in mobilizing impetus from unique realities and experiences within urban environment. Facing the growing presence of information and communication technology within every aspect of our lives, digital technology and communication media have brought new perceptions and socio-cultural interactions in the urban environment, transforming the way in which we experience our cities. The concepts of space, time, and social relationship from every sphere of the urban life experience are put in flux via communication technologies such as internet, mobile phones, wireless network, and locative media. Therefore, at the intersections of art, design, technology, and socio-cultural conditions, young artists around the world are invited to participate in the UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2005 to reflect on how urban spaces and city environments could be transformed into creative outlets cultivating artistic innovation and new forms of expression.

› 21 Jul 2005

Daniel Sauter nominated for the Print magazine's New Visual Artists Competition
Out of about 100 nominations from leaders in the design field, the magazine will select 20 designers to include in the March/April issue 2006.

› 02 Jul 2005

We interrupt today your regularly scheduled program... on exhibit at at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung
The piece will be shown in the exhibition "Climax: The High Light of Ars Electronica", from July 2nd to August 24th, at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung, Taiwan.

› 21 May 2005

ka-Bloom at Create Fixate
Create Fixate at HDButtercup presents: Deluxe on Saturday : May 21st, 2005 : 7pm -2am, Gallery Preview 4-7pm.

› 26 Feb 2005

Light Attack shown at AIM VI: Technological Pervasions, awarded with the Bernay Kurland Grayson Award for Creative Excellence and the AIM Student Award
Opening reception: Saturday, February 26 6 pm at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena. An Exhibition Presented by the USC School of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Armory Center for the Arts February 27- May 29, 2005. Opening Reception, Saturday, February 26, 7-9 p.m. at the Armory, 145 N. Raymond Ave., Old Pasadena. AIM VI: Technological Pervasions is part of the sixth annual international festival of time- based media presented by the University of Southern California School of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Armory Center for the Arts. The exhibition at the Armory will include Internet based projects; wireless technology; hardware design; video, digital video and animation; and interactive installations. The show will include works by Deborah Aschheim, Launa Bacon, Paul Chilkov, Dean Mermell, Dennis H. Miller, Henry Reichhold, Daniel Sauter, Marcos Westkamp and Ellen Wetmore. AIM VI: Technological Pervasions will be on view at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 North Raymond Avenue, Old Pasadena. The exhibition runs from February 27 through May 29, 2005. There will be a public opening reception on Saturday, February 26, 7 - 9 pm.

› 25 Feb 2005

Light Attack screened at the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo
Febrary 25 - March 6, 2005 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. From the website: Japan Media Arts Festival. It is a "Contest" in which we praise creative media art works utilizing the latest expression technology. Also it is a "Festival" in which we support creative activity and broadly present various art works. At the same time, we are promoting the development of media arts in Japan by providing the opportunities of appreciation, such as Exhibitions and Sanctioned Events.

› 26 Dec 2004

Light Attack awarded with an Adjudicators Recommendation at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2004

› 10 Dec 2004

Light Attack presented at "Hacking the Timeline: a non-definitive history of digital art", 18th street arts center, Crazy Space Gallery, Santa Monica
Opening reception Friday Dec. 10, 8 - 10 pm.

› 01 Dec 2004

Panel Participation: MEDIAtecture. Art Center College of Design, Media Design Program.
The Fusion of Architecture and Media

› 20 Nov 2004

Light Attack at dorkbot Southern California
Light Attack is a media artwork, as well as a social experiment, which takes place the urban sphere of Los Angeles. While driving through the city, an animated virtual character is projected onto the cityscape of L.A. exploring three places "to go" and three places "not to go", according to the popular Lonely Planet travel guide. Light Attack elaborates the concept of the "moving moving" image in the stereotyped neighborhoods of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Downtown, Watts, and Compton. The virtual character, projected from a moving vehicle onto the city facades, reacts to the architectural context, and interacts with passers-by while "walking" through the city. The character's actions are condensed in a gallery installation, reflecting projection as an emergent ubiquitous medium. The piece raises questions about property and privacy. How public is public space? How projection, as a medium, changing the environment in which we live? More information at

› 02 Sep 2004

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program... at Ars Electronica 2004, OK Center, Linz, Austria.
Each single frame of a TV program is compressed down to the size of one pixel, resulting in flowing patterns of color that get their structure from the content of the images and the rhythm of the editing of the TV program. News produces horizontal colorations; cuts are projected as vertical lines, zooms as curves; commercials turn into vibrating color patterns. By changing channels, the user can experiment with the relationship between program and sound and the corresponding projection. Prix Ars Electronica 2004, Honorary Mention Interactive Art

› 29 Jul 2004

Light Attack at th SciArc satellite conference of ambient:interface [idca 05], International Design Conference Aspen