1| Chiagoziem Nwakanma (center), Ishah Houston (foreground) and cast members in "The Bluest Eye".

  2| AJ Valentine (left), Ishah Houston (center), and Chiagoziem Nwakanma (right) in "The Bluest Eye". Photo: Jamie Scheid

  3| Chiagoziem Nwakanma in "The Bluest Eye".

  4| Daniel Kyri (left), AJ Valentine (center), and Enid Muñoz in "The Bluest Eye".

  5| Daniel Kyri in "The Bluest Eye".

  6| AJ Valentine (left), and Enid Muñoz (right) in "The Bluest Eye".

  7| AJ Valentine (left), and Enid Muñoz (right) in "The Bluest Eye".

  8| Ciera Angelia (left), and Warren Baskin III (right) in "The Bluest Eye".

  9| Ishah Houston in "The Bluest Eye".

10| Ciera Angelia in "The Bluest Eye".

11| Ishah Houston (left), and Chiagoziem Nwakanma (right) in "The Bluest Eye".

12| AJ Valentine (left), and Daniel Kyri (right) in "The Bluest Eye".

13| Projection Mapping (perspective)

14| Projection Mapping (plan)


By Lydia Diamond
Adapted from the novel by Toni Morrison
Directed by Derrick Sanders*
Production: Ketai LLC

A dynamic scenography for the play based on projected images, adding a narrative layer in support of the theatre performance. A custom projection system was developed for the project, allowing to project non-distorted (moving) images on any surface used in the set.

Opening February 22, 7:30pm
Also Feb. 23, 28, Mar. 1 and 2 at 7:30pm
Feb. 27 at 12pm
Feb. 24 and Mar. 3 at 2:00pm

The Bluest Eye

Director: Derrick Sanders*
Projection Design: Daniel Sauter
Projector Operator: Jesus Duran
Lighting Designer: Jamie Scheid*
Costume Designer: Meredith Maresh
Set Designer: Carl Ulaszek*
Sound Designer: Bobby Campbell
Choreography and Movement: Sharon Danielle Göpfert*
Vocal Coach: Jason Martin*
Stage Manager: Amanda Hanston
Made possible through the support of AV Chicago

*Department of Theatre and Music Faculty/Staff


Pecola: Chiagoziem Nwakanma
Claudia: Ciera Angelia
Frieda: Jazzlyn Luckett
Maureen Peal: Evangeline Courter
Mama: Tiffany Fulson
Daddy: Warren Baskin III
Mrs. Breedlove: Ishah Houston
Cholly: AJ Valentine
Soaphead Church: Daniel Kyri
Darlene: Enid Munoz
Girl: Simona Curkoska


Warren Baskin
Bobby Campbell
Evangeline Courter
Simona Curkoska
Aislinn Eng
Tiffany Fulson
Gregory Madden
Anjelica Masson
Enid Munoz
Benjamin Ponce
Destiny Strothers
Emily Woods
Zak Zajac


Claudia: Evy Courter
Pecola: Destiny Strothers
Maureen Peal: Aislinn Eng
Mrs. Breedlove: Tiffany Fulson
Daddy: Gregory Madden
Soaphead Church: David Dowd
Darlene: Anjelica Masson

Message From the Director

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to these individuals, without you this work would not have been possible:
AV Chicago
Johari Jabirbr /> Lori Baptista
Thank you,
Derrick Sanders

Production Staff

Assistant Directors: Ashley Banks and Elliot Baker
Assistant Stage Managers: Katie Norton and Sarah Steward
House Technical Director: Carl Ulaszek
Assistant Technical Director/Assistant Set Designer: Jamie Scheid
Prop Master: Dina Klahn
Master Electrician: John Van Ort and Tanous El-Kareh
Scene Shop Crew: Ashley Banks, Nick Barelli, Christian Capet, Rachel Ehrenberg, Christian Fernando, Kotryna Hilko, Dana Muelchi, William Peterson, Erika Salgado, Mikey Saubert, Paul Vaccaro, Emily Woods, Chelsea Foss-Ralston
Costume Shop Manager/Costume Design Advisor: Jane Bagnall
Milliner: Hannah Bledstein
Costume Construction: Sarah Steward, Meredith Maresh, Taylor Murphy, Briette Gomez, Samantha Charles, Priya Doshi, Collin Davis, Aislinn Eng
Costume Running Crew: Taylor Murphy, Carly Carano, Ladarius Martin, Samantha Charles, Samantha Gusman, Dianne Chung
Projector Operator: Jesus Duran
Light Board Operator: John Van Ort
Light Hang Crew: Ashley Banks, Chelsea Foss-Ralston, Neil Fontano, William Peterson
Sound Board Operator: Mikey Saubert
Fly Operator: Benjamin Ponce
House Manager: Kotryna Hilko
Coordinator Theatre Operations: Neal McCollam
Box Office Manager: Brittney Lutz
Box Office Crew: Priya Doshi, Brandon Rodriquez, Janki Sevak, Benjamin Ponce

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